Eco Hand Cleaning cloths

Eco Hand Cleaning cloths

Eco Hand Cleaning cloths


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Eco-Line (Made from recycled materials) Hand Cleaning cloths

All purpose non-scratch, non-woven cleaning cloths are the most practical hand cleaning cloths.

Highly absorbent and soft, designed and inviting.

They are manufactured from a blend of viscose and polyester non-woven material, and have an ideal combination of softness and toughness.

Used for polishing, wet or dry, these hand cloths are excellent for everyday cleaning.

The cloths come in a variety of colors and designs, which give the cloths a special look and feel. Ideal for cleaning the house, car and office!

Snow-white, Tinty (colorful), Textured, Mini-pillows, stylish, Duotex….

Weight 230 to 250 gsm Standard Sizes 30cm x 30cm / 12’’ x 12’’. Custom-made sizes are also available. Machine washable.

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