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Antibacterial EcoMASKS

Antibacterial EcoMASKS


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Antibacterial EcoMask

Our antibacterial eco mask is a new product designed to provide a pleasant and secure experience for protective face gear.

The mask includes an antibacterial fabric filter, containing copper nanoparticles with natural antibacterial and antimicrobial activity, which will enhance protection against bacteria and contamination, indoors and outdoors. The cotton fabric of the masks makes breathing easier compared to other non-natural face protective gear.
The mask has been produced according to the company’s philosophy to attend to highest ecofriendly production standards. The antibacterial mask filter consists of processed recycled textiles that have been upcycled into a new non-woven fabric.

Mask composition:
• Boat-shape to cover core breathing parts, 100% cotton
• Adjustable head strings
• Antibacterial filter infused with copper nanoparticles
• Filter fabric made from recycled textiles (viscose & polyester)

Additional options:
• Private label design
• Single or mass packaging
• Exchangeable filters
• Available in different sizes:
L, M, S


* Wholesale sales only for now.

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