About Ofertex

Our Story

We are a fourth generation family company that lives, breaths and thinks textile. Our plant is one of the world’s most advanced in fabric manufacturing and utilizes various techniques; from recycling materials through non-woven stitch bonding and needle punching, to knitting technologies – making it a vertical process all the way to ready-to-sell products.

Since we know each fabric is greater than the sum of its threads, we work every day to discover new and creative ways to transform textile and textile waste into an innovation that both we and our clients will be enthusiastic about: From floor cloths and cleaning cloths, beach and outdoor mats, to modern furniture such as stools, poufs, cushions, rugs and carpets and even pet and litter mats. Our key emphasis is to push the envelope and deliver customized, exciting, high quality products.

Turning rags into riches

Our everyday approach is to creatively combine varied technologies and materials, inventively “up-cycling” textiles. We like to call this “Textile Recreation”. First, we re-create – transforming textile waste or virgin materials into new, unexpected, functional products. Next comes the recreation part – providing our customers with products, designed for fun, leisure and pleasure.


With over 50 years of experience in this unique field, exporting products to more than 40 countries in all five continents, Ofertex has acquired a worldwide reputation for innovative, excellent, high quality products.

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