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One of our specialties is manufacturing non-woven geotechnical (Geotextile) fabrics.
We supply leading construction and infrastructure companies with a wide range of sheeting in various weights for preparing and sealing water conservation, reinforcement of roads’ asphalt structure, reinforced embankments and retaining walls, agriculture, gardening and much more.

Geotextile fabrics have many applications such as: Physical protection, Filtration, Fluid Transmission, Separation and more.

Physical protection
Ideal as a covering for the sealing layers on flat or concave roofs and water reservoirs.

Used for coating the interior of linked drainage pipes. It can also be used in sleeves of 60 cm diameter, filled with gravel, and fitted into drainage outlets and pits.

Fluid Transmission
Used underneath the waterproof membranes of reservoirs and waterproof layers.

May be used for the separation layer between different types of subsoil, for example sand and gravel.

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